Francisco Garzón

Francisco Garzón

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First Name * Francisco
Last Name * Garzón
Username * pcanime
Country * Ecuador
City Quito
Nationality Ecuatorian
Languages EnglishSpanish


Current Position Animator;Compositor;Renderman Ligth
Current Company Motion Arts
Areas of Expertise Motion Picture or VideoPost ProductionVFX CompositorRenderman
Preferred Tools After EffectsAnimationCompositingMAYAMental RayPhotoshopPremiereRenderman


Availability: Freelance


  • Animschool Profesional Animator


Im born in ocuber, myself like all of art, in my yougest life I´m introduce in the misic world. After I go to the University to studied Comunication, but the time, me discoverd the digital graphics, my first work is introduced in After Effects, I do the typical type titles preformer, this is the point to lern more of this world, my first time in 3D program is in the summer of 2004, I put 3Dmax 4 in my computer, I dont do any becuase the 3Dmax space is more confused for mee. I the past of time I entry in Cinema 4D, in this program i dont do any because the space is dificult for me. In my desesperation to lern 3D aplications I view a program, Maya, really Maya is the program for mee, Im introduce and lern more. This program really nice and this is the bigining of my digital life. Before I studied 3D Maya a course on-line, I finishied and any time a lern for the Masters of the area.

This is my Life thaks for reed this.


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